White Rock is an upstream oil and gas operator with a proven executive and operations team who provides an attractive risk adjusted return for our limited partners.

Our funds are private real asset vehicles dedicated to acquiring high quality income producing predictable long-life oil and gas assets with a high percentage of proved developed producing reserves.

  • + High Percentage PDP
  • + Opportunity for Cost Savings
  • + Predictable Long-Life Reserves
  • + Upside Potential
  • + Low Cost Operations
  • + Environmentally Responsible
  • + Mitigate Risk
  • + Low Risk Projects
  • + Modern Techniques
  • + Attractive Returns
  • + Income Producing Strategy
  • + Annual Distribution
  • + Return LP Capital 1st
  • + Upside Potential Proven
  • + Assets Consolidated
  • + Sell to Strategic Buyers


500+ Deals
100+ Offers
17 Acquisitions

White Rock has completed 17 acquisitions of producing and predominantly operated domestic oil and gas properties

  • + Sellers are large independents and majors operating legacy fields with high cost structures
  • + High percentage of predictable proved developed producing reserves with low decline rates / long-life reserves
  • + Operational expertise promotes low well-head breakeven and high operating margins
  • + Additional upside potential through ability to apply new technology to older fields increasing production from discontinuous, low permeability formations